35. Israel threatens France due to its relations with Muslims

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The good relations between France and Muslims stir up Jewish anger. Jews started to provoke French media and some prominent French figures against Muslims in France and all over the world. The Israeli daily Ma´ariv accused the French president of being prejudiced towards Islam and if he does not change his attitude, he will simply become an anti-Semite

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[Editor: An effort to proof a conspiracy theory.]

International Zionism keeps blackmailing France, and attempts sometimes to prove that France participated in the Holocaust.

In the beginning of the French President’s rule [Jaques Chirac], Israel attempted to force him to proclaim his country’s responsibility for the Holocaust, but he exposed [the attempts to pressure him] in a Jewish celebration which he attended.

He found out that his interests lie with Arabs and Muslims and that they do not cause troubles as the Jews do. So he has become concerned with Arabs and Muslims. The Jews have become extremely angry, and they have attempted to defame and attack Islam through the French press, but the French president did not declare or express enmity towards Muslims. In addition, many French people have become sympathetic towards Muslims.

Some synagogues were attacked in France, and the Jews attempted to involve Muslims. But it was discovered that some anti-Zionist French persons were behind the attacks.

So, the Jews resorted to Israel, which has started a campaign against Muslims. The Israeli press accused the French president of being anti-Semitic.

President Chirac prevented the French press from criticizing the Malaysian Prime Minister’s [recent] statement, in which he attacked Jews severely. Chirac also persuaded the Japanese Prime Minister not to condemn the statement.

The Israeli daily Ma’ariv says, using a threatening tone, that the French president shall understand that he is on the wrong side, and that he and the Arabs shall declare that they support anti-Semitism. It also says that the Arabs shall understand that anti-Semitism is illegal.

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