8. The bombings of the devils in the Holy Land

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The bombings that took place in Riyadh and Mecca left 17 persons dead and 122 person injured. The author explains that terrorist actions are prohibited in Islam and provides an analysis of the motives of the perpetrators of terrorist operations.

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The bombings that took place in Riyadh left 17 persons dead and 122 persons injured, most of whom are Muslims and Arabs. Five hours before, bombings took place on the holiest place on earth, Mecca, in the holiest month, Ramadan, when Muslims engage wholly in worship.

The Riyadh bombings that took place on 9 November are the second within less than five months, as the city witnessed three bombings last May, which claimed the lives of 35 persons besides dozens of injuries.

So the killed and the injured are Muslims. That is the bitter harvest of the latest bombings of Riyadh. Was that the sought-after target of those who are behind these bombings? Or did they make a mistake, and the targeted were foreign diplomats? Or was the goal to make a big propaganda [campaign], even if through blood, in order to draw attention to Saudi Arabia and portray it as an uncivilized country? Did those who carried out these bombings want to show that they are still present in spite of all the chases and crackdowns? The answers to these questions are open to all possibilities.

Credible [Muslim] scholars from all the [jurist] schools unanimously agree that such actions are unlawful because they mainly target innocent people and civilians, whose murder God prohibited. Whatever the justifications mentioned for these actions, the unlawfulness of these action and the reasoning leading to declaring it unlawful is clear-cut.

Is it possible that Muslims with whatever motives are behind these bombings? They claim that America and Israel are their enemies, so why don’t they target them or carry out these operations in Palestine? Available information proves that elements of Al-Qa’ida, a large number of whose members live in the Gulf countries, are behind these bombings and that they aim at embarrassing the Saudi government and showing the security situation of the kingdom to be on the verge of exploding.

In this context, the vision and objective of the suicide bomber falls in line, albeit unwillingly, with [that of] the hawks of the American administration, who have repeatedly portrayed Saudi Arabia and some other Arab countries as terrorist countries that incubate groups of Islamic anger [meant is: Islamic groups using violence to express their anger].

We are not fond of conspiracy theories and we do not think that there is a kind of relation between those behind these bombings and some Western countries, yet we have understandable questions about the strange coincidence between these actions of violence and the closing of the US embassy and consulates in Saudi Arabia and of the British embassy in Bahrain a few hours before [the bombings took place]. It is not enough to explain this coincidence by saying that Western intelligence bodies managed to get information confirming that violent actions were going to happen. We believe that the matter is more complicated than that, as the killed and the injured are always Arabs, Muslims and Western civilians. Furthermore, those who benefit from these actions are the enemies of Islam.

Finally, it is important to associate security confrontation of such operations that break the limits of divine law with reason, ideological, religious and even political confrontation. It is true that these operations contradict true religion, its teachings and spirit and there are certain hidden fingers behind them, yet the motives for these actions need to be politically understood and to be treated socially and culturally. Here the role of the mosque, of Muslims clerics, of media and civil society organizations come into play, and the importance of issues of freedom and human rights becomes evident.

The matter requires brave initiatives and frank self-analysis, to thwart conspiracies being weaved for this nation in the dark.

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