9. Is it an alliance of intention, or an alliance of objective?

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The author condemns the crime of the bombings of Al-Mahya complex in Saudi Arabia. Citing some Qur´anic verses and hadiths, he emphasizes that terrorist actions contradict with Islam which prohibits killing innocent people. The author argues that the perpetrators of such crimes join the enemies of Islam in terms of tarnishing the image of Islam.

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Islam’s enemies are blamed, criticized and accused of distorting the image of Islam. This is their objective. They do this by means of mass media, books, forums, interviews, statements, etc.

On the other hand, there are persons who belong to Islam, and who pretend to defend it, but who distort it. They do this to an extent that exceeds that of Islam’s enemies. Such persons commit violent and barbarous actions and relate them to Islam and jihad [usually translated as "holy war," but really meaning to struggle--not necessarily violently--against anything opposed to Islam]. The crime they perpetrated in Riyadh is evidence of their insistence on distorting the image of Islam. They do not have any good intentions, as they claimed--for they committed the crime of human bloodshed, of murdering innocent people, of terrorizing society, and of sabotage.

Some people argue that those perpetrators are supported by institutions that celebrate the defamation of Islam, and the terrorizing of Islamic societies. But such perpetrators have accepted to attack their religion and their nation.

Islam is mercy, and Allah sent His Prophet for mercy. The Qur’an states that the Prophet grieves to see people terrorized and grieved, and that the Prophet is eager to see them happy and peaceful. This is the reality of Islam. But the cruel terrorists insist on defaming and distorting it. They want to show Islam as a religion that urges to murder and violence.

I want to say that if one meets a person who adopts violence, one can be sure that this person’s attitude is in conflict with religion, even if such a person pretends to be religious.

Moreover, Islam emphasizes the ban on human bloodshed. Yet terrorists insist on murdering innocent, peaceful Muslim people.

It is a deliberate crime, and every person knows the punishment for such a crime. In addition, the Qur’an states that murdering an innocent person equals polytheism.

Also, human blood is sacred in Islam. The Qur’an states that murdering an innocent person is like murdering all people, and that he who murders an innocent person is punished severely by Allah. In addition, the Prophet states that on Judgment Day, Allah will punish those who committed murder first.

This is the true, attractive reality of Islam. But terrorists insist on distorting it by committing appalling actions. They are motivated by devious thoughts and corrupt spirits. Those terrorists are allied with the enemy. It is an alliance of action, of intention, and of objective.

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