10. Where do the murderers get the explosives?

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After every terrorist attack, one wonders from where the terrorists obtained their explosives.

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Each time a terrorist attack takes place in Egypt one wonders from where the murderers obtained the explosives. Nāsir Khalīfa investigates.

Chemical engineer Ahmad Ibrāhīm reports there are over 90 different kinds of explosives of which only 17 are used in terrorist operations in Egypt. He claims that only three public state-owned companies in Egypt make explosives the two main ones being the Heliopolis Company for Chemical Industries and Abu Zacbal Company for Specialized Chemicals whose explosives are used by mining quarrying cement and oil-prospecting companies.

Despite security authorities’ careful monitoring of inventories facts affirm that there is some disappearance of explosives especially from mines and quarries in mountains and deserts including those located in Sinai. Nāsir Khalīfa suggests that this perhaps explains the arrest of a number of Bedouins in the aftermath of the Tābā bombings last October. The 500 kilograms of T.N.T used to blow up the hotel in Tābā were obtained from quarries in Sinai.

The high price of explosives in the black market encourages theft from mines and quarries. A ton of T.N.T. costs civil companies around 250 000 pounds 250 pounds per kilogram yet on the black market a single kilogram of T.N.T reaches around 3 000 pounds making one ton worth 3 million pounds.

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