12. Terrorism and the optimal confrontation

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Lewis Fahīm considers the best way to confront terrorism.

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Lewis Fahīm claims that political religious and media officials tend to speak about terrorism as if it were some monster that has descended from some other planet. He suggests that one of the reasons that this trend is so appealing is that terrorist bombers use Islamic slogans and the twisted interpretations of some religious texts to their own advantage.

He argues that the failure so far to eliminate terror or at least lessen its threat lies in the failure to stand up to its source - religious extremism by groups falsely claiming to act under the banner of the true version of Islam. Lewis Fahīm believes that the elimination of terror will never be achieved through the identification of suicide bombers but that the fight against terror must deal with the extremist mentality and its interpretations of religious texts that contradict the spirit of the Muslim faith.

The author suggests that perhaps Western nations have recognized this and have thus started taking drastic measures against extremists warning that those who incite hatred or violence may be deported without trial. He encourages Egyptian officials to take similar initiatives in their fight against terror.

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