30. Retired actresses towards launching an Islamic satellite channel

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Retired actresses are planning to work for Islamic satellite channels, and a number of shops are refusing to sell tight and revealing clothing just to make profit.

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According to Radwa Fu’ād and Samr Mus‘ad, financial gain is the primary objective for many shop owners who have decided to specialize in selling clothes for veiled women.

Al-Salām Shopping Center, al-Tawhīd wa al-Nour and al-Mutahajjiba are three megastores specialized in selling clothes for veiled women in Egypt. Owners of these stores say that they refuse to sell tight revealing clothes just to make large profits. "Jeans” and "catsuits” can never be found in such stores.

Owner of al-Salām Shopping Center, Major General Ibrāhīm al-Bahbouhī, says that his store was the first of its kind when it was opened in 1983 in Misr al-Jadīda. Two other branches followed in al-Muhandisīn and in al-Zaqāzīq City.

Radwa Fu’ād and Samr Mus‘ad argue that business in the name of religion have also reached TV satellite channels. A number of retired actresses have decided to work in the field of da‘wa [Islamic missionary activity] in an attempt to please God. Muna ‘Abd al-Ghanī, Shahīra and ‘Abīr Sabrī are cases in point.

Soon: Islamic satellite channel by retired actresses
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