55. Religion of the Ancient Egyptians

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Jamāl Badawī examines the early seeds of religion in Egyptian history.

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Throughout their long history, Egyptians have believed that religion gives them a reason for their existence. Beliefs based on religious considerations have a very strong emotional basis for many Egyptians. Jamāl Badawī writes that this was clear in the way Egyptians welcomed Christianity and then Islam.

Egyptian archaeologist Salīm Hasan says that respect for family life was the principle upon which religion was based in ancient Egypt. With the passage of time, ancient Egyptians started to worship natural phenomena like the sun and sometimes even animals.

Badawī says that the religion of ancient Egyptians has been the main occupation of many foreign researchers. In his book on the religion of ancient Egypt [Editor: Book title not mentioned. Presumably his book ’Life in Ancient Egypt’], Adolph Erman says that a thorough study of the religion of ancient Egypt requires a collection of all gods, goddesses and alien creatures.

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