50. The Evangelical church opens in Arbeel

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of Kurdish Iraqis participated in celebrating the

opening of the Evangelical Church in the province of Kurdistan, in northern


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In a cheerful and

hopeful atmosphere, people of Kurdistan province, in northern Iraq, participated in the


ceremonies of the Evangelical Kurdish Church in the city of Arbeel.
Tens of people attended the

ceremonies in the big hall decorated with a big cross attached to the logo of the Kurdistan province. They

began by singing a

number of spiritual songs for an hour, followed by Pastor Hāzim delivering his

service with explanations of some

biblical extracts.
“We meet today to give glory to the Lord and to

congratulate each other in the name of Christ. We

have come today to invite His blessed name into our

hearts,” said the pastor when starting the celebrations.

pastor of the church, Majīd

Rashīd Muhammad, said that the church was established after the uprising in 1991

and the arrival of

Christian missionaries to the province. However, it has gained a legal license from the current provincial

government in 2004. He revealed that the church is not sponsored by the government, but by the community of

There is no accurate estimation of Kurds who converted to Christianity, but we receive

numbers of people

who want to join the church on a daily basis, added the pastor.
Talking about his

conversion to Christianity, the

young celebration’s keyboardist, Shammāl Rasūl, said some

friends convinced him to convert to Christianity, and

that this has taught him the meaning of peace, love

and tranquility.
Representing the government of the province,

Kamāl Karkūlī, the

deputy of the head of the Iraqi Kurdistan National Assembly, said that establishing

churches does not

conflict with the Iraqi constitution, as it respects the freedom of all citizens.

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