11. The crime of silence

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Usāmah Salāmah

denounces the silence of the Syndicate of Journalists, the Shūrá

Assembly and the

organizations of human rights, and calls to file a claim against the researcher who declared

Rose al-

Yūsuf Kāfir to reject the thesis and cancel his academic degree.

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criticizes the silence of the Syndicate of Journalists before the Takfīr thesis


Rose al-Yūsuf. He accuses the thesis of deforming a considerable part of journalistic history.

Salāmah then lists the accusations mentioned in the thesis against Rose al-Yūsuf.

[Reviewer: for

more information about the thesis and the accusation see AWR 2006, week 50, art. 6]

The danger of the

incident, expresses Salāmah, is that the thesis mentioned no proof for the

accusations. As such, he

concludes that the Takfīr method followed in the thesis will prove

all Egyptian periodicals to be

Furthermore, Salāmah considers the silent

reaction of the syndicate to imply

their agreement on the thesis, and denoted the necessity of the Supreme

Council of the Press to practice its role.

The Egyptian Shūrá Assembly is meant to be the

official owner of the national press institutions

and is thus also accused, since it agrees on the material

published in Rose al-Yūsuf and permits

Salāmah then expresses that the human

rights organizations do no better than the Syndicate of

Journalists and the Egyptian Shūrá

Assembly; for in spite of these organizations active reactions

toward any violation; they all remain silent

regarding the Takfīr Rose al-Yūsuf, despite the

fact that the incident is a clear

violation of the freedom of expression and freedom of the

Salāmah concludes by

declaring that defending Rose al-Yūsuf is a national duty of

every Egyptian, and called to file

a claim to reject the thesis and cancel the degree obtained due to the deadly

academic mistakes


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