19. It is none of my business!

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The following

lines review an interview with the Azhar Shaykh Dr. Sayyid

Tantāwī in which the Shaykh

expresses his complete ignorance of the

Takfīr of Rose al-Yūsuf, and asks his interviewer

to refer to other people or

claim a file against the person.

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Rose al-Yūsuf tried to ask the

opinion of the

Azhar Shaykh Imām Dr. Sayyid Tantāwī about the PhD thesis of an


student from the faculty of Usūl al-Dīn [Fundamentals of Religion] when he considered Rose


-Yūsuf to be Kāfir.
In the interview, the Imām got angry


that he knew nothing of the matter, and asked his interviewer to bring him a copy of the thesis

as he could not

state his opinion on something he had ignored.
“It is none of my business! I know

nothing about the matter.

Go to Shaykh Ibrāhīm al-Faīyūmi, the general

secretary of the Islamic Research

Academy, or to the person who declared Rose al-Yūsuf Kāfir

and ask them!” the Imām

answered Wā’il Lutfī, demanding that he file a

claim against that person claiming that the

Takfīr was untrue and ask for

Upon Lutfī’s question whether the

Imām agreed on the Azhar

researchers practicing Takfīr, he answered: “This is a silly

question! The Azhar’s role is to

teach people how to distinguish halāl from harām, no

more or less, and I know

nothing about your case,” the Imām concluded.

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