65. New hisbah lawsuit against Bishop Maximus

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A Coptic lawyer filed a hisbah lawsuit against the head of Saint Athanasius Church,


Maximus Hannā, accusing him of slandering Pope Shenouda III in an interview on ‘Dream’

satellite channel.

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“The era of Pope Shenouda III witnessed massive sectarian clashes, the likes of which have

not been seen since the

time of Muhammad ‘Alī [Reviewer: the ruler of Egypt between 1805

and 1848 A.D.]. Besides,

clergymen are unfairly judged without being heard. We have become medieval

[Reviewer: the author is drawing a

comparison to the confiscation of logic, i.e. burning works of

literature, that occurred during medieval times, in

how Father Mattá al-Maskīn’s writings are

being banned in the present day] after burning books of

prominent scholar Father Mattá al-Maskīn

in the yard of the Coptic cathedral,” said the head of Saint

Athanasius Church, Bishop Maximus

Hannā, in a televised interview on ‘Dream’ satellite channel.

aforementioned quote was

picked up by lawyer Dr. Najīb Jibrā’īl, who accordingly filed a

hisbah lawsuit

against Maximus, accusing him of publicly slandering the pope. Jibrā’īl argued

that the

alleged bishop [Maximus] tried to stir up Copts’ emotions against the pope by talking about burning al-

Maskīn’s books, and considered this an attempt at creating unrest amongst Copts.

on the

news, the spokesperson of Saint Athanasius Church, Dr. Samīr Fādil, said that


had distorted Maximus’ statements, adding that the pope is surrounded by people who

try to divert Copts’ attention

from vital issues of church reform.

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