35. Number of Jews increases in U.S. Congress

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Excerpts from the Washington report on the outcome of the last congressional elections with

regards to the

number of women, blacks and Jews.

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The newly formed American Congress in which democrats

won by a landslide

requires an analytical assessment, says the author of the article.
The Washington

Report says that the

composition of the new Congress can help in understanding its new tendencies.

Observers found the most striking

aspect of the new Congress is that it is still mostly dominated by white

men. However, after a 12-year Republican-

majority, Nancy Pelosi, D-California, is the first congresswoman

to head the House of Representatives. Five more

women were voted into the new congress to total 86 women in

both the House of Representatives and the

The black minority however, remained at 43: three

members left and three new members were voted in,

among whom is Keith Allison, [See:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keith_Ellison] a Muslim, who won 56% of the votes

in his constituency,

Minnesota. Allison is said to have supported civil rights, such as those of homosexuals and a


right to abortion. The report says that he did not make his own faith a matter of discussion during


electoral campaign. Some commentators wondered if Allison would take the oath on the Bible or the

It is also stated in the report that the number of Jewish senators

increased in

the last elections to 13 members instead of the previous 11. Jewish representatives now

consist of 30 compared to

26 from the previous session. Representative Rahm Emanuel is said to have helped

the Democrats victory. The

representative who once served in the Israeli army is likely to occupy a leading

position in the democratic

majority in the House of Representatives.

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