72. Bishop Marqus is secluded in his bishopric

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The article talks about the seclusion of Bishop Marqus in his bishopric.

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The seclusion of Bishop Marqus, who calls himself the spokesman for Pope Shenouda, has raised questions in church corridors due to his statements requesting the cancellation of article two of the Constitution. [Reviewer: Article two defines Islām as the religion of the state, and Islamic Sharī‘ah as the main source of legislation] It is said that the pope removed the bishop from his position as church spokesman after he publicly demanded the amendment of the second article. As a result of his statements, Pope Shenouda has warned his followers that pushing to amend the article would "result in agitating the Egyptian Muslims."

Commenting on this situation, the bishop says that he does not want to talk with the media about it and that he is secluded in his diocese in order to fast. Recently, many people have questioned the church’s position regarding the constitutional amendments.

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