43. Pope Shenouda inaugurated the fourth Coptic Orthodox Church in the UAE

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A new church was built in the United Arab Emirates. Pope Shenouda headed a delegation from the Coptic Orthodox Church to the UAE to inaugurate the church.

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Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria and patriarch of Saint Mark Diocese headed a delegation of clergymen from the Coptic Orthodox Church to the United Arab Emirates to inaugurate a new church there named after Saint Antonius known as the “the father of monks.” [Reviewer: For more information see: AWR, 2007. week 15, art. 32]
The delegation consisted of Bishop Yū’annis and Bishop Armyā, the pope’s secretaries, Bishop Butrus, supervisor of Agape, the Coptic Orthodox Church’s satellite channel, Bishop Abrām of al-Fayyūm, Bishop Gregorius, and Bishop Abākīr.
Ahmad Abū al-Ghayt received a thank-you letter from Monk Bishop Ishāq Bīshūy on behalf of Metropolitan Abrāhām of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, the Gulf, and the Near East.
The letter thanked the efforts exerted by the Egyptian minister of foreign affairs and the Egyptian Embassy in the UAE to provide Copts with the piece of land on which the church was built.
Bishop Mūsá of the youth declared to Rose al-Yūsuf that Prince Khalīfah Bin Zāyid ‘Āl Nhayyān, prince of UAE, had invited Pope Shenouda.

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