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The Anna Lindh Foundation and other prominent institutions approved support for the development of ENAWU.

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Articles in AWR not only provide insights in contemporary discussions taking place in Egyptian media but also – over time – provide valuable documentation. Art. 19 in this issue lists Egyptian Christian publications, an overview that would be hard to find elsewhere.
Youssef Boktor and Inas Hussein have come to strengthen our team. Youssef is working on standardizing Arabic names in transliteration while Inas has come to translate from English into Arabic. Youssef’s first day unfortunately coincided with heightened security around Cairo due to a threat that had been released earlier on in the day. Security was routinely stopping people on the streets to verify their identities and addresses. Men working in our office, not women, had been questioned on the street but after being able to provide the name and address of our office they were not bothered any further. Youssef was stopped on the street by a state security officer and asked for the name and address of our office. Because he is new however, he did not know the address of the office, and was consequently taken to the Maadi police station for interrogation, despite being on the same street as the office and pointing in its direction. Youssef spent two hours in the police station. When I went there and told an officer that Youssef worked with us, I was not allowed to enter and was dealt with in an unpleasant and unhelpful manner. We knew that the police had detained some individuals for upwards of ten hours, so requested that our contacts in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs intervene, and thankfully Youssef was released shortly afterwards. Security checks are most certainly needed, but it would really be nice if they could be handled in a more efficient, effective, and courteous manner!
The Anna Lindh Foundation has approved support for the development of the Electronic Network for Arab-West Understanding [ENAWU], building a network of organizations in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and The Netherlands. Obviously we hope to expand the global coverage of this project as it develops. The network will have one web-based portal through which the electronically stored data of participating organizations can be easily and readily accessed. You can find out more about this network on
We already have a number of prominent institutions working with us on this project and invite any other organizations or individuals with their own electronically stored data to join. We are confident that ENAWU will help participating organizations and individuals to increase the usage of their information. For more information please email info@enawu.org

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