38. Citizenship Committee at the General Community Council: Statement and appeal

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The Citizenship Committee of the General Community Council released a statement that appealed to Egyptian officials to take the required procedures to avoid the repetition of sectarian incidents that have recently taken place in the village of Bimhā in al-‘Ayyāt.

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As part of the observation of the Citizenship Committee of the General Community Council to the aftermath of the sectarian incidents that took place in the village of Bimhā in al-‘Ayyāt, the committee wishes to highlight the following points:
Achieving the security and safety of whoever lives on the land of Egypt is bounded with applying the regulations of the constitution with their texts and contexts. The third section of the constitution entitled “Freedoms and Public Rights and Duties” is enriched with articles that support the freedom and security of the citizen such as articles: 40, 41, 44, 45, 46, and 54.
After the ratification of the recent constitutional amendments, it has become necessary that efforts of the legislative institutions cooperate in order to apply the regulations of these amendments and to transform them into reality protecting every Egyptian. Ignoring the application of the new amendments would result in harmful consequences. The most important of these consequences would be a public disrespect of the constitution and law.
Since the problem of releasing official permissions to build houses of worship was the main reason behind most of the sorrowful events that took place in Egypt during the last three decades, the committee appeals to the People’s Assembly and the Shūrá Council to speed up the release of the unified law of building houses of worship in order to confirm the principle of citizenship.
The committee is sorry and amazed at the continuous administrative decisions that block the application of presidential decrees concerning the re-establishment and restoration of churches, which means that lower authorities hinder decisions of higher authorities.
The committee wishes to applaud the rational and wise stances of Azhar scholars, media, and all the patriotic officials who condemned the sorrowful events of attacking churches and Copts and who warned against the future harmful effects of sectarian sedition unless the reasons behind sedition were eliminated.
Signed by members of the committee:
Dr. Tharwat Basīlī, under-secretary of the General Community Council
Counselor Edward Ghāli, secretary of the General Community Council
Counselor Munsif Najīb, Counselor Milik Mīnā, Dr. Georgette Qillīnī, Dr. Rasmī ‘Abd al-Malik, Dr. Mamdūh Fakhrī, Mr. Fikrī Habīb, Dr. Wajdī Louis, Mr. Manasá Thābit and Eng. Yūsuf Sidhum.

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