47. What is going on in our Egyptian Church?

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Amīn Fahīm analyzes the crises of the Coptic Orthodox Church and attributed its causes to internal and external factors.

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General-Secretary of the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Coptic Church Amīn Fahīm analyses the current crisis of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The author believes there is a serious crisis in the church represented in the conferences of secular activists who call for reform, church trials, excommunications, George Bibāwī’s problem and the phenomenon of Max Michel. This crisis increased due to internal and external factors and came to the surface for the first time.
Specialists in social anthropology say that religious institutions and discourse are influenced by the development of society more than they impact it. Therefore it was natural for Copts who want to modernize the church to intervene.
The possible nomination of Bishop Bīshūy, Secretary of the Holy Synod, as a successor to Pope Shenouda increased the tension of reformers because of Bishūy pursuit to all who, according to him, have non-orthodox opinions.
Church trials and excommunications made against dignified bishop and metropolitans because of their opinions, increased.
The author believes that the role of the media is to publish news and analyze them, but publishing what is going on inside the church upset the public and harm the church’s standing and interests. It also harms the souls of both Christians and Muslims especially in the current circumstances.

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