6. The journey of the twins Andrew and Mario from Christianity to Islam

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Fādī Emile discusses the problem of the Christian-born twins, Mario and Andrew, whose father’s conversion to Islam forced them to be registered as Muslims. Emile interviews the twins to speak about their perplexing problem.

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Andrew and Mario, Egyptian twins from Alexandria, found themselves the focus of mass media when they refused to kneel before the circumstances that forced them to change their religion from Christianity to Islam.
The misery of the 13-year old Christian-born twins started when their father decided to embrace Islam, divorced their mother, and married a Muslim woman. He was then handed down a court ruling that granted him the custody over the boys. Consequently, the two sons’ religion was changed to Islam.
The author Fādī Emile interviewed the twins, who summarized their problem saying that they want to live with their Christian mother and maintain their Christian identity. In their ‘Islamic’ religion exam at school, they boldly wrote “We are Christians.” As a result, they failed the exam and the entire school year.
Emile says that these children, whose only sin was that their father abandoned Christianity, wish to find a solution for their perplexing crisis.

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