37. Soldiers against monotheistic religions

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A documentary has been shown on the American CNN entitled, ‘God’s Warriors,’ featuring attempts of the followers of the three monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – to revive the authority of religion as people have been disappointed with the current secular fashions.

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A documentary entitled, ‘God’s Warriors,’ being broadcasted by CNN [see: www.cnn.com] has recorded attempts of followers of the three monotheistic religions to bring God back to authority.
Those followers have engaged in a fearful cultural and political contest in assuming that they are purifying the world of what they call secular realism and moral corruption. In order to increase their power, they claim that there are insider teams within each religion that protest the so-called elimination of the Lord from life. Therefore, the alleged warriors of God earn their strength from resisting those who want to rule out the Lord, the documentary features.
As for Jews, they have reached this conviction depending on a Biblical verse that reads: “Then you will live in the land I have given to you and your fathers” [Jeremiah 35:15, New International Version]. Accordingly, they believe that the six-day-long war in 1967 was a particular fulfilment of this prophecy. The war gave them an opportunity to re-inhabit their ‘mother land’ which they interpret as paving the path for the coming of their awaited king, the Messiah.
Since this war, the issue of the Jewish colonies in the occupied territories have been becoming a basic non-negotiable fact. The Jewish fighters of the Lord then tend to exploit politics and the powerful hand of security to back the Jewish existence in theses areas in the name of peace, whilst building colonies breaches international law.
The documentary underlines plans of what is called ‘the Jewish warriors of God’ that have – supplied by Zionist Christians – succeeded in collecting huge amount of finances for supporting colonization.
Regarding ‘the Christian soldiers,’ the documentary features a trend adopted by the Evangelical Church in the U.S. that opposes the governmental curricula, the social moral and definitely means of entertainment in society. “People are deeply disappointed with the secular culture, and as a result an opposition toward this culture has developed,” Karen Armstrong, the author of ‘The Battle for God: Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam,’ said in the documentary. This trend has played a key role in the defeat of 12 candidates on the U.S. Senates elections in 1980, which was due to moral reasons in the first place.
Concerning ‘the Muslim soldiers,’ it releases a recent survey on how American Muslims see the Western culture. Although the majority of them said there is no contradiction in being a Muslim and American at the same time, a big percentage tend to introduce themselves as Muslims rather than being Americans. “The survey unveils the frightening fact that 26% have shown sympathy to suicide bombers,” the documentary shows. Add Husayn [the name is transliterated literally from the text], a British Muslim, told the documentary that he is heading toward adopting the Islamic extremist ideology in a bid to re-gain international peace through enforcing the Islamic Caliphate.
[A similar article was published in: al-Misrī al-Yawm, August 25, 2007 p. 5]

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