23. Muslims between the danger of racism and tribal discrimination

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Dr. Aḥmad Sukārṇ writes about racist discrimination that occurs even during the Ḥajj.

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Racism and tribal discrimination are two of the primitive emotions that were spread during the Jāhilīyah age when Arabs used to underestimate women and brag about their families and origins. Despite the fact that Islām calls to abandon racism and discrimination, some Muslims still cling to some of these ideas that promote Fitnah among people. What is odd is that these despicable attitudes are usually found during carrying out Islamic rituals like praying and Ḥajj.
Dr. Sukārnū wrote that the hajj rituals did not succeed in putting an end to some Muslims racist actions toward others. This phenomenon is shown when a Muslim decides to tell his story during his Ḥajj journey. The story was published in a weekly news paper [Reviewer: name of news paper not mentioned]. Sukārnū said that despite the fact that the author of the article tried to hide her racism, her words and expressions showed otherwise.

"It is clear that the writer could not eliminate these feelings of discrimination even during the Ḥajj," Dr. Sukārnū said. He also quoted some excerpts that highlight her racist feelings:
- The crowd is everywhere during the Ḥajj. You could find someone [usually a black person] hitting you with his/her shoulder in order to force you to make space for him/her.

- It could be said that those who came from countries with the burning sun consider fighting with hands and legs one of the rituals of Ḥajj.
- You could also find great numbers of black women repeating "La Illaha ilá Allāh"[no god but God] at the same time.

Dr. Sukārnū comments at the end of his article saying that "Muslims do not realize that tribal and racial discrimination are the main reason behind our inability to cope with progress and civilization. They probably also do not realize that Islām is not in need of new accusations related to racism especially at the present time."

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