19. ‘The Coptic’ governor

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The author reports on complains of Christian inhabitants of the Qena governorate about the city’s Coptic Governor Gen. Majdī Ayyūb, whom they criticize for not issuing any licenses for the renovation of churches over the past two years. They think the obstacle is that he fears being accused of being biased toward Copts.

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The Qena Diocese has decided to cancel the Iftār banquet it holds annually in protest against the Coptic governor’s refusal to permit renovation works on churches in the city over the past two years.
It is said that Gen. Majdī Ayyūb, the Christian governor of Qena who was appointed to office at the request of Copts [to have a Coptic governor], fears being accused of being biased in favor of Copts.
Sāmiḥ Fawzī, the author, thinks that Ayyūb is suffering from psychological pressure resulting from the unhealthy sectarian division in society. Christians are not demanding that Ayyūb give them rights that they do not deserve, but only that he does not ignore their legal rights to renovate their houses of worship, the author says.
He needs, Fawzī adds, to believe that his religious affiliation has no negative influence on his high position.

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