26. Bishop Maximus, the patriarch of controversy

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Majdī Fahmī criticizes Bishop Maximus for his desperate attempts to attract media and public attention to his church, referring to the recent Iftār banquet celebration organized by his church.

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Since his ordination as the head of St. Athanasius Church in Egypt, Max Michel or the self-appointed Bishop Maximus I, has become the focus of spotlights through his controversial stances and statements against the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Majdī Fahmī refers to Maximus’ recent controversial move when he organized an Iftār banquet celebration and invited 20 Evangelical pastors who welcomed the invitation and affirmed after the celebration that they would recognize Maximus’ church if the state recognized it.
His endeavors to attract public sympathy and support included Muslims through his affirmation that he is a ’big fan’ of the Prophet Muhammad, as well as his decision to add special prayers in his masses for Egyptian Muslims.
During the celebration, attended by representatives of the Catholic Church, figureheads of the National Democratic Party, as well as Islamic thinkers, he refuted the accusations of the Coptic Orthodox Church against him, affirming that it is Pope Shenouda III’s history that is riddled with sectarianism and hatred.

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