37. Bishop Kyrillos sent a falsified response and withdrew his stance... ’Fear God, O father’

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Yāsir al-Shūrī has accused Bishop Kyrillos of changing his stance and withdrawing his statements against Maj. General Majdī Ayyūb Iskandar, governor of Qena. al-Shūrī claims that there was a strongly-worded message from Pope Shenouda’s secretary.

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Yāsir al-Shūrī criticizes Bishop Kyrilllos of Najc Ḥammādī for sending a ’falsified’ response to an article published in al-Wafd of December 6, 2007 about the tense relationship between the prelate and the governor of Qinā, Maj. General Majdī Ayyūb Iskandar, in which the bishop attacked the governor.
[Reviewer: To read the previously-mentioned article, see AWR 2007, week 49, art. 42]
The bishop’s response asserted that there was no conflict between him and Maj. Iskandar. He also accused al-Wafd of inflaming sectarian sedition through their reporting on ’unsubstantiated’ conflicts between him and the governor.
Nevertheless, the author accused Bishop Kyrillos of changing his stance and withdrawing his remarks against the ’Coptic’ governor of Qena, claiming that the secret behind this change was a strongly-worded message from the secretary of Pope Shenouda to the bishop regarding his statements about the governor.
Shūrī claimed that the bishop was deceitful by refusing to release a statement about his conflict with the governor.
He also accused the prelate of being the real source of sectarianism in Qena because of his involvement in political issues such as the last parliamentary elections, during which he announced his support for a candidate which heightened the atmosphere of tension in Naj‘ Hammādī.
On the other hand, Maj. Iskandar refused to comment on the accusations published in al-Wafd and were attributed to Bishop Kyrillos. Yet, he insisted that he did not wish to be involved in sideline skirmishes that may hinder him from fulfilling his task of developing the Governorate of Qena.

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