10. Misunderstanding of religion

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The author rejects some Muslims’ interest in trivial matters and calls on them to pay more attention to serious Islamic issues.

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Islamic history is full of incidents that reveal a severe misunderstanding of the religion. Since its appearance, some Muslims have focused on trivial matters, such as their external appearance, with little regard for serious matters. For example, during the rule of Uthmān Ibn ‘Affān and ‘Aly Ibn Abū Ṭālib, the Khawārij paid a lot of attention to their external appearance and religious rituals, while killing anybody who disagreed with their beliefs and ideas.

The author asserts that this behavior still exists among some Muslims. For example, some people reject praying in certain mosques because they recite the Adhān twice. This, however, is not wrong; it is merely a means of reminding people to pray. The author adds that most Muslims are ignorant of Islamic moralities and the true meaning of the Holy Qur’ān.

In addition, the author explains that in its essence, Islām is expressed through behavior and moralities rather than appearance or rituals. He adds that the Prophet Muhammad would to forgive sinners to encourage their repentance. Moreover, he used to treat disbelievers well in order to show the forgiving nature of Islām and incite them to convert to this great religion. The author ends by saying that it is necessary for all Muslims to concern themselves with reform in Islamic thinking, and pay more attention to serious Islamic issues in order to present an accurate image of Islām to the world.

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