26. Rumors in Armint al-Hayt town foretell sectarian sedition: Security forces are on alert upon three Copts businesses being burnt

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Rumors announce recommencement of new clashes between Muslims and Copts in Egypt.

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Rumors are circulating about Muslim girls being filmed by Copts in indecent positions. The rumors gave rise to arson attacks on three shops that belong to Copts and the arrest of seven Muslim young men accused of the fire.

Security and civil forces try to avoid any further escalation of the situation. The police forces blocked the entrances and exits of Armint al-Hayt in Qinā governorate in southern Egypt. Additional police forces were spread inside the city to prevent further possible attacks.

During the last 25 years, Egypt has witnessed clashes between Muslims and Christian Copts like the al-Kushh and Alexandria attacks.

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