67. Pope Shenouda’s wisdom ends Bishop Kyrillos’ problem

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Bishop Kyrillos’ crisis with the church is discussed, and the true reasons behind the crisis are considered, as well as the proposed solutions for the crisis.

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One year ago, Bishop Kyrillos faced a problem with the church due to events in his Bishopric. Bishop Kyrillos narrates these events and says that a year ago a girl sought protection from her family from the monastery in Naj‘ Ḥammādī. However, the family of the girl attacked the clergyman of Mar Girgis Church, and asked for their daughter to be returned to them. Bishop Kyrillos reported these events to the police. He added that he faced another problem with one of the clergymen when he inquired about his wealth. As a result, some clergymen traveled to Cairo to file a complaint with Pope Shenouda against Bishop Kyrillos.

Pope Shenouda could end all these conflicts and problems by requesting that Bishop Kyrillos and the clergymen involved meet in order to solve all their problems. Moreover, Bishop Kyrillos faced another complaint filed last January by Dr Rushdī Wāṣif, who wanted to write a book about Bishop Badaba and asked for Bishop Kyrillos’ help. He accused Bishop Kyrillos of stealing his book [Editor: apparently an accusation of a copyright violation] to present a film on Bishop Badābā. Pope Shenouda could have also resolved this problem by ordering Bishop Kyrillos to return to his position as the head of Naj‘ Ḥammādī’s Bishopric. The bishop expressed his gratitude to Pope Shenouda and the people of Naj‘ Ḥammādī, Muslim as well as Copts, for their celebration of his return.

Some figures in Naj‘ Ḥammādī expressed their love and respect of Bishop Kyrillos, such as Fatḥī Fakhrī, a member of the People’s Assembly, and Muhammad Ahmad al-Saghīr, the general manager of housing in Qinā, who asserted that Bishop Kyrillos succeeded in ending all conflict between Muslims and Copts in Naj‘ Ḥammādī. In addition, he used to treat all people with love and respect. On the other hand some clergymen, such as Bishop Samuel Kāmil and Father Lūqā Hilāl, expressed their respect of Bishop Kyrillos who is accredited with many great achievements in Naj‘ Ḥammādī. He was known for encouraging Copts to participate in the political and social life in Egypt.

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