69. Facts of comparative theology books

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The author comments on Nājih Sam‘ān’s article about the Coptic Orthodox Church.

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Nājih Sam‘ān has written an article about the unity of the Coptic Orthodox Church. He believes that the church is arrogant in its views. He adds that it rejects other denomination’s beliefs, which prevents mutual dialogue between the Coptic Orthodox Church and Catholic or Evangelical churches. The author rejects Sam‘ān’s opinion, and agrees with the Coptic Orthodox Church because it applies the true principles of the Bible.

Sam‘ān also condemns the comparative theology books of the Coptic Church that criticize other Christian denominations. The author asserts that these books do not criticize their beliefs, but that they explain the beliefs to compare them to those of the Orthodox. He adds that the Coptic Orthodox Church provides evidence from the Holy Bible for these explanations. The author refers to Sam‘ān’s assertion of the existence of Christian fanaticism, stating that no definitive proof of this fanaticism exists. He asserts that Egyptian Orthodox youth continue attending the weekly meeting of Pope Shenouda, which implies that there is mutual understanding between the heads of the church and the Orthodox youth [Editor: I do not see the link between denying Christian fanaticism and attending weekly meetings].

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