7. Afro-Americans adopting Islam

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The fact that Afro-Americans are adopting Islām proves that Islām is a moderate religion that respects humanity.

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World Media [see: http://www.worldmedia.com.au/mainpage.html] announced this week that the number of Afro-Americans adopting Islām is increasing. World Media showed that this is attributed to the fact that those Americans view Islām as a religion that sympathizes with the weak. What is also important is that those who adopt Islām do not differentiate between the Sunnah and the Shī‘ah.

Dr. Āminah Nusayr, professor of Islamic belief at the Azhar University, said that the spread of Islām among Afro-Americans should be viewed as a good lesson for all Muslims to learn that Islām spreads in the countries that fight and attack it. She also asserted that Afro-Americans do not differentiate between Sunnah and the Shī‘ah drawing the Muslims’ attention to this idea especially at the time when discussions about the differences between Sunnah and the Shī‘ah are being manipulated to promote Fitnah and wars among Muslims.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper published an article written by Munīr al-Mawrī about the same issue [February 28, 2007]. al-Mawrī reported that after the September 11 attacks, the number of Afro-Americans adopting Islām has greatly increased.

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