32. Three women write Pope Shenouda III diary

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Three women write their testimonial about their experience with Pope Shenouda. He is not only a charismatic character, but also a tender and blessed generous presence in the Coptic Orthodox Church.

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Under the headline "the pope spends 168 hours educating the priests’ wives," Izīs Ishāq Marqus, member off the charity and piety committees highlighted Pope Shenouda’s special attention paid to women’s issues in the church. He used to attend the meetings of the women’s committee after having established the committee which has 13 branches.
As a priest’s wife, Marqus recalled her experience with Pope Shenouda during the conference held for priests’ wives in 1986. Pope Shenouda devoted 168 hours to the conference in which he preached on the ideal comportment of a priest’s wife.
Moreover, she highlighted Pope Shenouda’s pastoral service in the charity committee where he personally follows the cases of some people who suffer from serious difficulties. Moreover, he concentrates on guiding and instructing the members of the committee so that they can offer their utmost in their service.
Deacon ‘Ifah Bula is one of the finest female deacons in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Bula narrates her testimonial recalling her memories with Pope Shenouda since he was Mr. Nazīr Jayyid, the supervisor of an orphanage in Shubrā.
Bula praised Mr. Jayyid’s charismatic character and his efficiency in his work. She also hailed him as a pious blessed person who blessed everything around him. Bula recalled her family’s personal relationship with Mr. Jayyid and their excitement when they knew about his decision to join religious life.
Laylá Ghālī from the charity committee wrote about Pope Shenouda’s generosity and compassion for all those who need help. People who are in need present themselves to the committee that offer help. Ghālī praised not only Pope Shenouda’s generosity, but his kind heart. He pays close attention to the emotional and psychological conditions of the people who come to the committee and on many occasions he has offered them more than they have asked for.

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