39. For the first time, the prayer of Pope Kyrollos IV is held in a Catholic Church

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Lutfī al-Numayrī writes about holding the prayer of Father Kerlis IV in a Catholic Church

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It is natural for Catholic and Orthodox churches to agree on prayers and the daily lexio divina. They only differ in the calendar and eh use of Coptic language in the liturgical hymns. Despite the fact that both the Catholic and Orthodox churches have their own saints, there are saints who lived in the West that are not prayed for in Eastern Orthodox churches. However, many churches in the East were named after Western saints like St. Rita, St. Theresa, St. Antonius al-Badwānī and others.
For the first time, an event which indicated Catholic – Orthodox understanding took place when Father Augustinus Mūrīs of the Holy Family Catholic Church held a prayer for students before their exams. The prayer held was for the Orthodox Pope Kyrillos and parents asked God to bless their children and help them during the exams.
“I wonder how Jesus’ wish for all Christians to be one would be achieved without this kind of understanding,” Lutfī al-Numayrī ends his article.

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