9. Not in the White House

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The author reviews a book published in the states entitled, ’God in the White House,’ which reviews the progression of religion in U.S. policies from the 1960s to date.

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The author writes about the relation between religion and politics, more specifically, between the presidents of the United States and the church there, according the book ’God in the White House,’ by Randall Balmer, [See: www.amazon.com/God-White-House-History-Presidency/dp/0060734051] which highlights the concept of belief in God has been featured in the American presidency since the start of the 1960s.
The author quoted certain statements by U.S. presidents, such as that of John F. Kennedy when he said that he believed America was not Catholic or Protestant or Jewish, and that he takes no instructions from the pope or any church because the United States separates between politics and religion.
The author then points to George W. Bush when he said that God blesses his invasion of Iraq and that all his decisions are inspired by God.
The author continues by asserting that Bush has confused Islam with terrorism and that he sympathizes with Zionism.
He concludes by saying that God is not in the White House, and that the Jews are God’s chosen people only in the Middle East because of their support of the U.S.

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