19. Two million Muslims and Christians end Virgin Mary Feast in Durunkah

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Assiut prosecution investigates the causes of a large fire near the monastery in the village of Durunkah while festivities for the feast of the birth of the Virgin Mary come to an end.

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Nāsir Hātim wrote about the fire that broke out in the Monastery of the Virgin Mary in Assiut during the celebratory feast that was held for the Virgin Mary’s birthday. He said that the fire erupted on eight feddans of the monastery’s land, which covers a total area of 13 feddans. The fire was controlled before it reached the monastery’s buildings. The armed forces took part in extinguishing the fire, and national security and executive authorities came to follow up the situation. Hātim says that the plot of land on which the blaze occurred had been the subject of dispute between the monastery and the governor of Assiut until the monastery assumed control of it a few weeks ago. Security sources denied that the blaze was the result of any foul play. Hātīm said that the Diocese of Assiut praised the armed forces for their quick response.

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