7. Bishop Demetrius… reconciliation is the solution

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The author praises Bishop Demetrius’ role in defusing the Abū Fānā Monastery crisis and emphasizes the bishop’s importance in the Coptic Orthodox Church.

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Bishop Demetrius has managed to resolve the problem of the Abū Fānā Monastery [where clashes took place between the priests of the monastery and some Bedouins over a plot of land]. The bishop convinced the two parties that the incidents were tarnishing Egypt’s image abroad and should cease.
Demetrius, who is very close to Pope Shenouda, takes action and issues statements only after consulting the pope.
The writer says that Demetrius is one of the most important bishops. He teaches the Coptic language and theology and enjoys enormous popularity among the Copts.
In addition, he supervises the Abū Fānā Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in the world.

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