51. Diaries of an ideal patient: Pope Shenouda III at Cleveland hospital

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Pope Shenouda III continues to say his prayers and follow up on church affairs while recovering from surgery on his thigh.

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Muhammad al-Bāz talks about Pope Shenouda receiving treatment at Cleveland hospital in the U.S following the surgery the pope had on his thigh, noting that only doctors could decide the date of his return.
The author describes the pope as an ideal patient, who complies to doctors’ instructions rather than listening to his own voice as he used to do on previous occasions.
Despite his illness, he is very active. He gets up early in the morning to say his prayers and undergoes physiotherapy before following up on church affairs.
He uses the fax machine and the phone and resorts to direct visits when he has to discuss issues that cannot be settled on the phone, such as the Abū Fānā monastery incident.
The author illustrates the development of his health during the journey. He says the pope used a wheelchair to move, then a normal chair. Finally he has started using a stick and he is expected to be able to walk without it within a few days.
He explains that the pope suffered from a swollen lymph node - and not cancer as the rumors said - and that the surgery was successful.
Despite his illness, the pope is keen to write his weekly articles, which are published in al-Ahrām and Watanī newspapers, says al-Bāz, denying that the articles published during this period were old ones.
He says the pope also reads Egyptian newspapers which are brought to him in Cleveland, while he logs on the web sites of those he cannot receive.

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