8. Fatwá allowing marriage to a nine year-old girl sparks Azhar scholars’ anger

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A Moroccan organization has issued a fatwá allowing nine year old girls to get married, citing the prophet’s marriage to ‘Ā’shah as an example.

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A fatwá by Muhammad al-Mi‘zāwī, chairman of the Marrakech-based Association of the Call for Qur’ān and Sunnah [see: www.maghrawi.net/], which allows marriage to nine-year-old girls, sparked the anger of Azhar scholars.
The scholars said the fatwá is based on an erroneous interpretation of the marriage of the Prophet Muhammad to ‘Ā’shah.
Subhī Mujāhid of Rose al-Yūsuf newspaper said that Muhammad al-Shahhāt al-Jundī, a member of the Islamic Research Academy, had said that the fatwá is wrong, because the basis of the fatwá does not provide proof that marriage to a nine-year-old girl is permissible.
The fatwá is based on the fact that the Prophet Muhammad made such a marriage. This, however, was an exceptional case that cannot be generalized. Some of the prophet’s actions were exceptional. The prophet, for instance, was the only one allowed to marry more than four women at one time. A Muslim is only allowed to marry four women.
The author noted that Āminah Nasr, professor of doctrine and philosophy at the Azhar University, said that the analogy the fatwá was based on is incorrect. Girls, she said, should be psychologically and ethically qualified to be good wives, able to shoulder responsibilities. A nine-year-old girl is not mature enough for those responsibilities.

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