10. Iraq is being evacuated of its Christians

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The author states that Kurds and al-Qā‘idah are the most likely perpetrators of the terrorization of the Christian minority in Iraq.

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At the beginning of the article, Nahlah al-Shahāl says that the U.S say that terrorists endeavor to incite sedition among Iraqis to undermine progress that has been achieved. The author wonders about the identity of the terrorists involved in such actions.
The author adds that Iraq is being evacuated of its Christians. The same thing is being done in Palestine, however at a slower pace.
The author discusses the issue of minorities everywhere, and how they are prejudiced for the sake of the majority.
The author adds that Kurds are the main suspects in the terrorization of Iraqi Christians, while the other suspect is al-Qā‘idah. She mentions the collective denunciation of such acts.
Bishop Louis Sākū says that these actions have political motives. They try to make Christians ally with certain powers in the elections, particularly after the revocation of Article 50 that used to give minorities seats in parliament.

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