79. Does Max Michel threaten the Egyptian Church?

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There have been people like Max Michel trying to threaten the church since its inception, claims author Midhat Bishāī. The church should be more concerned about the thousands of followers who leave for other churches.

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Midhat Bishāī talks about an issue that the church has faced recently, emphasizing that it will not affect the stability of the church nor the safety of its faithful.
The author replies to Max Michel’s press release of July 11, 2006 in which he stated that he is the head of a church that is affiliated with the Holy Council of Orthodox Christians in Egypt and the Middle East. He also sheds light on Michel’s other statement that he will continue his reform program to restore his fame after the church stripped him of his title 30 years ago.
The author confirms that Michel is no threat to the church or its faithful, as his like have been a recurrent phenomenon throughout the past 20 centuries.
He says that the church should concern itself more with the other churches that thousands of Christians join, leaving behind the genuine Christian creed.
The author says that the Coptic satellite channels are responsible for the actions of Michel and his followers. These channels should have disproved their claims in a democratic and free manner, and should have utilized their reformist views, if any.
The author concludes that we should admit our mistakes and learn from them. We should be concerned about some NGOs being transformed into worship places, because this has many dangerous implications.

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