53. Coptic queries about the absence of the Holy Synod and the Community Council from the present incidents

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The article highlights the growing demands of setting up church councils as they have been delayed for a while because of Pope Shenouda’s III poor physical state.

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Many have recently related the escalation of tension that accompanied recent incidents like those of Abū Fanā to the absence of an effective role on behalf of the church because of Pope Shenouda’s III sudden illness. Consequently, demands of setting up regular sessions of the Holy Synod to lessen the pressure exerted on the pope are growing.
Bishop Marqus of Shubrā al-Khayma regarded it as unlikely that a similar council will be held in the near future due to the pope’s poor physical state. On the other hand, Dr. Tharwat Basīlī, a member of the Community Council at the Coptic Orthodox Church, explained that a council needs the pope’s presence to be held otherwise, in urgent cases, it should be held upon the pope’s or his deputy summoning as long as half of the members are available. For Dr. Basīlī, there was nothing worth calling upon setting up a council at the present, however.

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