8. Hundreds of Christian emigrant families return to Mosul

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Christian Iraqi families displaced from Mosul, return to their homes.

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The author of the article quotes Younadam Kanna, Iraqi member of the parliament, as confirming that a few hundred Christian families have returned to their homes in Mosul, while around 2000 are still afraid to go back despite the assurances of the stability of security conditions in the region.
The Christian member of parliament indicated that the returning families were not registered because they returned in phases and they had already left their houses safely guarded by neighbors.
He mentions that the financial aid the Iraqi government dedicated to the displaced families amounts to USD 5,000,000,000. According to him, Reuters quoted Jawdat Ismā‘īl, the official of the office of Ministry of Immigration and Displaced Persons in Mosul, as saying that each returning family would be offered USD800, if registered.
The UN Refugee Agency estimates the number of the Christian families that left Mosul at over 2200 [Reviewer: See www.unhcr.org/news/NEWS/48f862792.html. The number mentioned could not be found but it is mentioned that numbers cannot be confirmed]. Their departure came after 12 Christians were murdered and others received murder threats.

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