21. From introspections to polemics

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The author calls on Sayyid Imām to express his new stances from his old beliefs and ideologies in an obvious way instead of creating new illusive battles.

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Rushdī comments on the recent document issued by Dr. Sayyid Imām, ideologist of al-Jihād Islamic organization, under the title ‘Mothakkirat al-Ta‘riyah li Kitāb al-Tabri’ah’ [Memo of the Denudation of the Exculpation Book].
Rushdī believes that the document contained unprecedented polemics and contradictions that weakened its authenticity and made the reader wonder whether he really intended to correct concepts and abandon previous stances and opinions that had previously been advocated by Imām himself.
Rushdī argues that in his document Imām followed the strategy of escaping to the future, ignoring many experts’ questions and inquiries about his previous thoughts and beliefs.
Rushdī further stated that Sayyid Imām is one of the main founders of the ideas of armed takfīr. He listed his thoughts as follows:
1-terrorism is part of Islam and he who denies this truth is kāfir.
2- America is a kāfir state and an enemy of Islam, the prophet [Muhammad] and the believers.
3- It is wrong to say that civilians are innocent.
4- It is prohibited to feel sad for what happened to Americans and prohibited to pacify them.
5- Everyone who makes an alliance with the U.S to fight against Muslims is kāfir.
6- It is wrong to call Western countries the "civilized world."
7- International legitimacy is an idol worshiped instead of God.
8- Objective laws are a new god, and whoever authorizes them or applies them is kāfir.
9- Democracy and everything that implies in it is a new religion and whoever follows it or calls for it is kāfir.
At the end of his article, Rushdī expresses his support for real introspections that can serve Islam and correct thoughts and ideologies instead of defending the old beliefs and creating illusive battles.

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