26. Foreign experts to train rights organizations in Egypt

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Freedom House has launched a new program entitled, “the international program for executive volunteers” which will bring foreign volunteers into Egyptian civil society organizations.

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In what the author claims is a new quirk for sources of foreign finance, the American organization, Freedom House [www.freedomhouse.org/template.cfm?page=1], has announced a new program entitled, “the international program for executive volunteers”, which aims to bring American or European volunteers of high professional positions into Egyptian civil society establishments.
The program aims to transfer technical and administrative experience to countries around the world through providing work training to organizations, and mobilizing and sponsoring volunteers with high professional capabilities.
The author reports that Rose al-Yūsuf has learnt that Freedom House, in cooperation with the Arab Centre for the Independence of the Judiciary [www.acijlp.org/home.htm], recently undertook training of 20 NGOs on how to develop their local effectiveness. Each year they choose a different Egyptian organization through which these activities can be carried out, because they cannot hold these operations themselves according to industry regulations in Egypt.
The new program receives finance from several sources, including the Middle Eastern Partnership Initiative [http://mepi.state.gov/] belonging to the American Foreign Ministry, and USAID.

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