27. On the second anniversary of introducing "citizenship" to the Egyptian Constitution

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27. On the second anniversary of introducing "citizenship" to the Egyptian Constitution


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p. 3
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Samih Fawzi
Radwa Yunus
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On the second anniversary of the constitutional amendments that introduced "citizenship", the author calls for putting the text into practice.

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Two years have passed since the constitutional amendments were made that introduced citizenship to the first article of the Egyptian Constitution and the controversy it stirred. Some argued that the amendment of article one conflicts with the second article which states that Islamic Sharī‘ah is the basic reference for legislation. Others thought that citizenship was the password that allowed other constitutional amendments to be passed which some political powers opposed.
The author points out that he does not accept either view. According to him, the problem lies in that Egyptian people only remember their citizenship when they feel that their economic and social rights are violated, but they do not move toward any kind of effective political participation. They do not participate, they only protest when it comes to their daily bread. That is why it is not true that the Egyptian people have shed passivity. They are required to participate in making the political future of their country. This can only be achieved through teaching civics in schools and universities, which will encourage citizens from an early stage to participate in matters of public concern.
Finally, the author calls to put the amendments into effect and put the text into real practice and provide the frameworks through which citizens’ participation can be achieved.