13. American scientist reinterprets history: Jews left Egypt because of climate changes and volcanoes

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The author highlights a book entitled ’The Parting of

the Sea’ that made a breakthrough in the historic information about Jews exodus from Egypt.

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reflects on what he presents as a new interpretation of Jews’ departure from Egypt. The new breakthrough was

presented in a book entitled ‘The Parting of the Sea’ that was published by Princeton University Press. Geologist

and author of the book Barbara J. Sivertsen discovered that there were two Jewish exoduses in history and that

the period of time between the two exoduses was about 200 years.
She argued that the Torah’s description

of the exoduses merges the two incidents.
The author attributes the exoduses to natural catastrophes like

volcanic eruptions and a Tsunami.
The author argues that the first collective emigration of Jews from

Egypt was in 1628 B.C following volcanic explosions on the island of Crete. The nine plagues described in the

Torah spread through Egypt in the aftermath of the eruptions.
Two hundred years later, another volcano

exploded in the Aegean Sea causing the tenth strike described in the Torah.

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