27. The reality of Copts’ second marriage

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The head of the Evangelical Church in Egypt explains the conditions under which permission

for a second marriage can be given.

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The author reports on the misunderstanding resulting from Dr. Safwat al-

Bayyādī, head of the Evangelical Church in Egypt’s declarations on second marriage on a TV program. Al-

Bayyādī’s statements were understood as authorizing second marriage.
Ākhir Sā‘ah

interviewed al-Bayyādī to clear up the misunderstanding. Dr. al-Bayyādī stated that second marriage is

authorized in the following cases: the death of the partner, conversion and annulment. He elaborated that marriage is

annulled when proved to be based on lies or deception; or if divorce conditions were fulfilled; for example in adultery cases

when the church tries to solve the problem and if this fails the wronged party is granted the right to remarry.

al-Bayyādī highlighted the significance of forming committees that specialize in resolving familial problems and

educating couples before marriage.

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