15. Conflicts between Muslims and Christians because of alcohol and eating pork

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Hasanayn Krūm writes about misconceptions concerning Christian beliefs and traditions in Egypt.

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"Whenever there is a problem or dispute in Egypt that involves Christians," Hasanayn Krūm starts his article, "we, Muslims, discover something new about our fellow citizens." For example, it had previously been thought that it is only Muslims and Jews who believe in the idea of circumcision unlike Christians. Such an issue did not come to the surface until society started to raise the issue of female circumcision by trying to issue a law preventing such an act. At that time, Father Gregarious published an article in Watanī newspaper denying the idea that the Bible has any verse that prevents circumcision for men.
"The same thing happened with issues like alcoholic drinks and eating pork," Krūm adds. When the Egyptian government took the decision to slaughter all pigs in Egypt as a preventive step against Swine Flu, some members of parliament tried to attack the Muslim Brotherhood saying that they are making a religious problem out of a medical one. At that time, Pope Shenouda tried to put an end to disputes by supporting the decision to cull all pigs saying that people’s general health is more important. "Muslims discovered that Jesus Christ did not prohibit eating pork but he did not eat it and that most Christians do not eat pork just as we discovered that Christianity prohibits drinking alcohol," Krūm further comments.

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