25. The Ahmadiyya movement in Egypt

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Ākhir Sā‘ah writes about different beliefs and faiths in Egypt, focusing in this article on the Ahmadiyya movement.

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[Reviewer: The Ahmadiyya movement is called Qādianīyah in Arabic, Qādyānī [Qadiani] is a derogatory term for Ahmadiyya]
Within man’s journey to look for God, he was not satisfied with the three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. On the contrary, he started to create new religions, beliefs and faiths. One of these newly established faiths is the Ahmadiyya movement.
In 1900, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad al-Qādyānī established his faith after claiming that he was a prophet and that Jesus Christ came to him to reveal the truth. He also claimed that he was the mahdī and that he was a prophet who could perform miracles and had message for the whole world. The Ahmadiyya movement was surrounded by concerns for it was fostered by the British power in India which supported the new faith and protected it.
Al-Qādyānī called on people to stop jihād against the British forces; which is not in line with Islamic teachings which calls for jihād against colonizers. For this reason, the Ahmadiyya movement was born to destroy Islam and divide Muslims.
“It all started with an interview with Ibrāhīm ‘Alī,” Ākhir Sā‘ah writes, “who met engineer Fathī ‘Abd al-Salām, the Ahmadiyya preacher in Egypt.” Ibrāhīm ‘Alī then narrates how he met ‘Abd al-Salām who tried to convince Ibrāhīm ‘Alī of the Ahmadiyya ideas and beliefs.
Dr. Ahmad ‘Abd al-Mubdī Ahmad, assistant professor at the Faculty of Islamic da‘wah and specialist in religions and denominations, explains the Ahmadiyya faith saying that like the Bahā’ī faith, it is a way of thinking that was supported by colonial powers in order to weaken the relationship between Muslims and their true understanding of Islam by trying to marginalizing the importance of jihād claiming that there should not be such a concept after the death of the Prophet Muhammad. Ahmadiyya managed to spread to places which Islam did not reach which made it easier for them to spread and flourish.
[To read more about the Ahmadiyya movement go to their official website as www.alislam.org/]

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