6. Religious Endowments mu’adhdhins prevented from being appointed for security reasons

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Rāmī Rushdī reports about the incidents of mu’adhdhins being prevented from being appointed to posts due to security reasons.

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The Ministry of Religious Endowments has confessed that State Security interferes in the decisions concerning appointing new imāms and mu’adhdhins. This is according to what Jamāl Fahmī, general secretary at the ministry, said before the Human Rights Committee at the People’s Assembly last week. The committee was discussing the decision taken to reject 12 candidates during the last appointments for imāms that comprised a total of 128 people. The decision concerning their exclusion was taken after they had been accepted for the job. Fahmī said that candidates who pass the exams and are appointed can be excluded later if the State Security objects to their appointment.
Jamāl Fahmī added that the investigations carried out by the State Security are done according to the law, which requires the investigation of the reputation and attitude of candidates who will work in state bodies. The 12 individuals who were excluded have filed a lawsuit against Hamdī Zaqzūq, minister of religious endowments, to imprison him especially as the state security did not mention why they objected to appointing these 12 people.

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