38. The Evangelical Church has a committee for dialogue between Christian denominations and is preparing a study of the Constitution

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Muhammad comments on the elections for the Evangelical Holy Synod of the Nile

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Elections started today, May 12, for the Evangelical Holy Synod of the Nile. Rose al-Yūsuf has learned that the current president of the synod, Rev. Tharwat Qādis has launched a proposal to extend the term of the presidency from one year to two.

He also launched the idea of an intrafaith dialogue committee between the different Christian denominations. The work of this committee would also stretch to Muslim-Christian dialogue.

There was also a proposal for a committee to study the current Constitution and voice ideas about it from a church group on legal affairs.

He also said that during his term he would focus on the need to assess the administrative functions of the church and the running of the internal dialogue to reinforce mutual respect.

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