39. Pope Shenouda defends the "bishop of church trials"

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Pope Shenouda III defends Bishop Bīshūy and prevents meetings in the churches without a priest’s supervision.

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October reports on Pope Shenouda III’s defense in favor of Bishop Bīshūy, general secretary of the Holy Synod and responsible for the church trials in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Pope Shenouda asserted that Bishop Bīshūy was just and accurate. In the same sermon, Pope Shenouda announced a decision to prevent the meetings that take place in churches unless attended by priests to guarantee the teachings being presented to the public. Pope Shenouda alluded to people who have non-Orthodox beliefs that they spread in meetings with the church public in the Coptic Orthodox Church. [Reviewer: The vast majority of Christian Egyptians belong officially to the Coptic Orthodox Church. However, many of these actually practice in other churches, mainly in Protestant churches. They are still officially Coptic Orthodox and get married and baptize their children in the Coptic Orthodox Church, but they actually are active in other churches. They would still come to Coptic Orthodox Churches and Sunday schools and teach ideas that are not purely or completely Coptic Orthodox.]

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