10. Holland: There is nothing that hinders questioning the fanatic parliament member who made the film that offended the Qur’an

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The Dutch Party for Freedom [PVV] is seeking seats in the

European Parliament to achieve its conservative goals of stopping the spread of Islam in Europe.

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Mustafá reports that

the conservative left wing Party for Freedom is trying to win seats in the European Parliament to work with other

conservative parties to take further steps toward issues like ejecting Turkey from the European Union and putting limits on

what they call the Islamization of Europe.
Mustafá referred to MP Geert Wilders, member of the Party for Freedom

and maker of the controversial film ’Fitna’ and highlighted his influence on the Dutch public who seem to support his party

in considerable numbers. Mustafá mentioned that one fifth of Dutch people have expressed their support for the Party for

Freedom’s program.
Mustafá further referred to a Dutch court ruling that was issued on January 21, 2009 to sue

Wilders for claims of practicing discrimination and urging violence and hatred.

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